Client Testimonails

What Our Customers Say:

"John, your tech is very on the ball and professional. I’d give him a 5 star, A+ rating."

-Hunter H.

“This has been the BEST experience I’ve had working with a repair company BY FAR!”

- Francisco G.

“Hi John. Your guys that worked on our lift did a clean nice job, Engine been running great since then”

- Vince G.

"John, Thank you for sending a tech out so quick, Enrique was excellent, very professional, knowledgeable and efficient!! I will be recommending Premium Lift Truck to all our neighbors in this business park"

-Paul L.


We have the approval to do the repairs.

I would like to have this repair done by the mechanic that was here today, he was great. His name is John Murillo”

- Art L.


Thank you for these lovely trucks, they run perfectly in the cold and snow of the Black Hills, I absolutely love them!!”

- Joseph from South Dakota.

“Thank you for sending Gio, he did a great job and was very professional”

- Vivian M.

“John, thank you for finding me these parts and getting them so quickly!!! While other service companies said my forklift is too old- you said let’s try, and MADE IT HAPPEN!!! Thanks again John, we will be moving to your service company from now on!! ”

- Kevin R.

“ I just wanted to say that Premium is a Quality company, Very Honest, Very Fair Priced and John is great to work with! He even came out and met with me up in the High Desert!! I would recommend Premium to anyone looking for a great Forklift and Service Company”

- Larry P.

“We have always used the big dealerships for the maintenance of our forklifts, throughout the years they always overcharged us and under delivered, I am so grateful my neighbor recommended your company. You have saved me a ton of money, and my stress level has gone way down!!”

- Ricahrd L.

“ I just wanted to call and say your team has done a great job with our forklifts, they are always responsive, fix the issues immediately and do it with a smile, every manager at every location says the same thing. Premium is by far the best forklift company we have worked with!!!”

-Ronnie D.

“We really appreciate all the work you have done on our fleet. You have saved us thousands of dollars and your team is AMAZING, the girls are very friendly and knowledgeable get things done, - Adriana is awesome”

-Hiram R.

“ John, just wanted to say have coming back to Premium. We tried the “bigger guys” and honestly, they just aren’t responsive like you guys. You guys always pick up the phone or return our emails. They never work with urgency and their hourly rates are outrageous!! You guys are very fair and for the service you provide it’s really an exceptional value, we are happy to be back”

-Mark K.

“Good morning John,

Thanks for the repair I’m very excited to continue doing work with you guys. I’m very happy I found you guys ”

-Gilbert S.

“Thank you John !!! You are a God send !!!! ”

-Deena A.

“I just wanted to pass on to you guys that Jim your charger guy was very
helpful , thank you”

-Richard S.

“Thank you John for your responsiveness and advice, I wish all our vendors were as honest as you, you saved us a ton of money!!”

-Bill P.

“John, I told my boss, we are buying from you, I appreciate the time you spent today learning about our operation and application and putting us in a forklift that will suit our needs, I was sold when you started showing me forklifts under my budget, Who does that today??? Thanks again John!!!”

-Brice B.

“Thank you Premium for our Forklift, you guys hit it out of the park and got it to Seattle on my requested date, transport during the pandemic is very difficult but you guys pulled it off!!! Thank you for being part of our expansion to the North West”

-Charles C.

5:30am Monday morning

“Good morning John! Please send a technician to our warehouse ASAP, we need our forklift to work by 7:30am.”!

John- “Are you there now”?

Customer- “Yes”!!

John - “Ok, a tech is on his way”

Customer- “OMG THX!!!  Thank you once again LIFE SAVER!!!  I can’t believe this service!!  You actually answered your phone and got me through this!!!!"

-Leo V.

“All I can say is, whenever we call Premium, you guys show up on time, every time and get us going again”

- Mark C.

“Premium and NMS is a true partnership, long, tested and proven”

-Paul Pearson.

“John, Thank YOU for always being so awesome to us!!!”

-Gail S.

"John, working with you and your company is never a problem"
- Diane M.

“Thank you for getting your guy here so fast!!!  You guys have great service!!” 

-Gunnar H.

"Team Premium,

I wanted to let you know who great Mike was.  He is an excellent technician,  very knowledgeable, had a great attitude, got it working fast and quick and cleaned up after himself.  Please send him every time.  I am very happy I found you guys!!"

-Dirk Z.

“John I am emailing you because I want you to know how GREAT your tech was.  He was on-time, efficient and cleaned up after himself.  I even think he cleaned our mess!  😊  You make my job easy!!

-Mark T.

Great Mechanics!"
- Ruben F.

Hi Ellie,

We received the forklift. It's perfect. Thank you for all your help.

-Qui from Pro Express.

“….annnnnnnd THAT is why we love you guys so much!!! -The100% satisfaction guarantee!! Thank you!!

-Gail S.

Hello Premium group,

Thanks for sending your tec today so quickly.  He did a great job and made some recommendations  to keep our Forklifts working safely and efficiently!






“John, you guys are MY GUYS, MY MECHANICS, you are  on MY TEAM, that’s it!  Whatever you guys need to do to keep my fleet going, DO IT,  I TRUST YOU GUYS”!!! 

-Mark L.

"Hi John,

Hope you are doing well. Thank you for assistance with the lift. We really appreciate your service. The Forklift is great!!  Thank you for putting up with our pushiness! 😊"

-Louis M.

"The forklift looks great and my guys are very happy with their new toy, thank you.

It was a pleasure meeting you & doing business with you."

-Vince Gutierrez

“I will certainly be recommending you and premium forklifts to anybody who asks me about finding a good company to work with."


“John, you guys are AWESOME, AWESOME, AWESOME!!  SIMPLY AWESOME”!!!!  from a large logistics company with multiple material handling equipment.

-Sigfreid L.

"We like your service, that’s why no matter what we need, rental, service, parts or purchase, we only go to you!  You guys are EXCELLENT and very HELPFUL"


“John, Thank you, We appreciate you. ”

-Louis R.

“You guys are unbelievable!!!”

-Grace, from the Label Company.

“John ,thank you for yesterday's plant tour and your professional advice. Looking forward to a long term business relationship. I'll gladly recommend your services!”


“The forklift arrived! Looks like a new lift. I want them to take responsibility to perform and maintain properly from now on. The lift really looks excellent! Thank you for the work.

Hope this gets us deep towards the next 20 years!"



I appreciate you more than you can ever imagine, I am very happy, you respond quickly even on the weekends"


"Thank you!

Thank YOU!!"


“Hey John! Just want to thank you....For being the person you are!!!!”

-Phil, B.

“ You guys are great!,  Thank you!  Whatever I need I can count on you, from immediate service, to rentals, to parts you guys are always there and available, even on weekends”

-Jon R.


Thanks for the paint job. Turned out amazing!!!. REALLY AWESOME JOB!!!. Thanks

-Mike P.


I’ve passed the pricing along to the department and received an approved requisition to place the order.  Appreciate all of your assistance and it is our pleasure to support a great vendor.”

-Shavonna M.

“John after the phone call we had, your call stopped the bleeding!!!! THANK YOU!!!”

-Larry W.

“Thank you for the Forklift you sold us it’s been AMAZING for us,  we are growing fast and appreciate all the support you give us!  We are ready for 2 more forklifts, bring them down”

-Ron W.


“John,  I need 4 more forklifts right now,  I don’t need to come down and test drive them, I trust you!  Just send the same make and model as the  other ones you sold us,  I need them this week!!, YOU ARE THE BEST!!  THANKS!”

-Michael Y.



Just wanted you to know we LOVE the forklift you just sold us,  THANK YOU!!!”

-Scott J.

"Good morning,

I have a favor to ask.  I’m not sure what position you hold at your company, but can you please let the powers that be know that John M did an AMAZING job for us yesterday!!!  He spent over 6 hours getting the forklift all fixed up and we are beyond grateful.  Apparently, our problem was bigger that Connor thought and John took care of everything.  If you can make a note that John is the one who comes to us from now on, that would be great.  Thanks!!

In a world where everyone is quick to complain, I like to take the time to say thank you for a job well done!!

Thank you for passing this along.  I want John’s boss to know what a great job he did!!

Have a great day!!"



I wanted to let you know how grateful we are, we purchased a unit from your competitor and it failed while under the warranty period. This large dealership refused our claim, your guys came out, took pictures and video of the issue, wrote up what they found was the issue and the solution. Thanks to that documentation and proof through pictures and video, we got it resolved. Your guys saved us thousands and you didn’t even charge us for it. You guys are truly amazing and refreshing. We will be using you exclusively now at all our locations. I just wanted you to know how pleased and grateful we are."

-Gwen M.

Thank you for everything you have done for us, You don’t find business like yours anymore where they really care about the customer. Your guys came out and helped us out twice and never charged us. We are reciprocating the favor by only using your services and buying all our forklifts from you. We listed Premium as our preferred vendor and our board approved it. Our business began 91 years ago by looking for vendors that worked with us and looked for a win-win. As we grew they grew, we are hoping you grow with us as well. 2021 is looking like a great year for us, happy to have you on board!!!"

-Dave H.

"Hope you are well, thanks again for the visit last month. The tech was very friendly and was able to adjust the gear shift as well as address the oil leak. You guys are wonderful and I really appreciate everything you do for us, you make us feel like we are your top priority every time!!"

-Bridgette K.

“Just want you know how happy I was with Joel.  I was told we needed a new mast and he fixed it for and save us a ton of money.   Like to have him back anytime I can get him.”  

-Kim M

“The Tailift offers a compelling mixture of performance, comfort & cost-efficiency. We’ve run Tailift units at our U.S. locations for several years - Z-Series, the 9L and the 9L Plus lines - and have had absolutely zero complaints from any of our operators or from the maintenance staff. Can’t recommend them enough - particularly at such a great price point!”

- Mark Jason.

“Thanks for coming thru today despite your guys full schedule!  Its truly appreciated and Giovanny is a good guy to have!  He informed me every three months is good for a PM.  I have you guys in my calendar for another PM on October 8th!  Thanks again!” 

-Nicolas A.

“Hello John,

I get that you have to run a business and price increases do and will happen and I'm okay with that.

I thank you for always trying to help me out Bro!”

-Armando G

"We really appreciate the way you handle our complex accounts.  It’s not easy!! With all our locations and driving around everywhere; You guys are doing a tremendous job!  You are by far the best we have worked with, BEST SERVICE and BEST VALUE” by far!  I know,  I have tried everyone!!!” 

-Mike C. 

“ The Quality, Service and Attention to Detail is truly 5 Stars”

-Douglas G


Thank  you for the forklift!!  This thing looks like it’s BRAND NEW,  my guys are thrilled!!!  You guys hit it out of the park”!! 

-Brian G

“It’s really a pleasure having business with your company especially with the prices and cost saving for our company.”



“ John, I just wanted to thank you again man… I OWE YOU ONE BIG TIME!!!”

-Anthony V. 

"Wonderfull experiences, Premium Lift Truck are a big company but they also give little customers friendly and professional service, I need to renta a forklift for small job loading a machine from garage to a truck,that a 10 munite job. Spend 2 days on the phone Google leads me to multple web sites and they all want your blood.then i found PREMIUM LIFT TRUCK.

****** The receptionist is professional coustersy.

****** John The owner are Clear, direct and friendly.

****** Whao The delivery and Pickup fee are afortable very reasonable.

Any body need rental forklift this is the company to call


Thank you John

Thank you to make my life easyer"

-Hue Than

“Tailift is the brand that everyone in the material handling industry should watch out for. The new Z-Series line of forklifts is really going to give the competition a run for their money! Happy to see all of the improvements they made on an already solid line of forklifts.”

- Mark Jance.

"5 Stars!

Huge forklift inventory and great customer service" 

-Nicki H.

"Good morning John. I wanted to let you know how pleased we are with the work Giovanni performed on 8/21/20 Friday.

He got here first thing in the morning. He introduced himself. Very friendly & upbeat young man.  I took him to the forklift. He immediately started working.

I had several questions I asked him while he was working, he answered everything very politely & professionally.

Very hard worker. I’m extremely happy I found your company on Yelp. You and your employees are providing great customer service to our communities.

You should be very proud of the people on your team.

I will recommend you to everyone I know.

Thank you"

-Arthur L.


Thank you for your flexibility and for working with us during this pandemic,  it’s been a real struggle these past  months for our business and it’s really refreshing to know there is a company out there that works and understands our situation and sees the good in people and not just the profit, you have one happy customer for life”!! 

-Steve N.

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